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Body Jam

This video has everything

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Local Area Networks by Viktor Timofeev

ink on paper, 2009-2010 by Viktor Timofeev

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Garage Door

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The Throne of the Third Heaven

George Hampton’s The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly… full story here

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Ant Death Spiral

Ant Mill, a metaphor for life?

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photos by nikoline

…photos by “nikoline, an 18-year-old with a camera, living in tromsø, northern norway.”
i guess if you’re an 18-year-old with a camera, it helps to live in norway. beautiful.

[also stolen from Misspaq]

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photos by Stas M

…photos by flickr user Stas M. Stole these from Misspaq, a very nice photo blog I found ’cause one of my remixes was used to soundtrack a post. hello

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from Houses by Lebbeus Woods

…from the Houses series, by Lebbeus Woods, 1979.

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Rat Takes A Bath!

…oh how i wish i had someone to talk to me like this while I bathe

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Which Side Are You?

“Something funny I have noticed, perhaps you have noticed it, too. You know what futurists and online-ists and cut-out-the-middle-man-ists and Davos-ists and deconstructionists of every stripe want for themselves? They want exactly what they tell you you no longer need, you pathetic, overweight, disembodied Kindle reader. They want white linen tablecloths on trestle tables in the middle of vineyards on soft blowy afternoons. (You can click your bottle of wine online. Cheaper.) They want to go shopping on Saturday afternoons on the Avenue Victor Hugo; they want the pages of their New York Times all kind of greasy from croissant crumbs and butter at a café table in Aspen; they want to see their names in hard copy in the “New Establishment” issue of Vanity Fair; they want a nineteenth-century bookshop; they want to see the plays in London, they want to float down the Nile in a felucca; they want five-star bricks and mortar and do not disturb signs and views of the park. And in order to reserve these things for themselves they will plug up your eyes and your ears and your mouth, and if they can figure out a way to pump episodes of The Simpsons through the darkening corridors of your brain as you expire (ADD TO SHOPPING CART), they will do it.”

- excerpt from Final Edition by Richard Rodriguez